The “Frexit” Watch….

François Fillon in Villeurbanne, France on October 6, 2016. Fillon surprised everyone when he won 44% of the primary vote on Sunday and has jumped ahead as the leading contender in his party’s primary runoff vote next Sunday. Photo: Jeff Pachoud/AFP

While yours truly doesn’t prescribe to their type of politics, this isn’t only accurate but it’s also wise policy given Russia’s importance. His message and policies seem to be resonating with voters and would be the logic nominee. Whomever wins the ‘Républicains’ primaries next week, the new ‘Républicains’ front runner’s message and policy shows us — again — that there’s a major disconnect between the political elite and what the people want, as yesterday’s first round primary vote of the ‘Républicains’ showed.

It would be nice to have an eventual nominee amongst the ‘Socialistes’ prescribe to the same type of inclusive progressive policy. This would take the wind out of Marie Le Pen and the ‘Front national.’ Although, neither her nor her party should be counted out in the upcoming spring election in 2017 given the anxiety of the French voters.


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