The US Mainstream Media Is Focusing On The Wrong Crisis  

ExxonMobil CEO, Rex Tillerson (pictured), has been nominated by President-Elect Donald Trump to be the next Secretary of State for the United States. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images North America

The real tragedy in this ‘propaganda’ campaign of the unsubstantiated allegations that the Kremlin hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s computers and its interference in the American election is that the American people have not been informed about the real crisis that is awaiting them. An uninformed observer would think that America is heading towards the dangerous route of war with Russia. Yet, Dr. Kantor does his best job to voice that concern. Kantor’s warning of a nuclear confrontation between Russia and the United States is exactly what is at stake for the new President of the United States not the unverified Russian hacking and election interference allegations that have flooded the news stations and newspapers in America. Instead of focusing on election interference and hacking allegations, the media should be focusing on a crisis that is far worse (yes, even graver than the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis), which needs to be addressed. The nuclear crisis is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed for any American President.

Whether the President-Elect comes to a final agreement with Russia on this urgent matter, remains to be seen. However, he seems to be starting on the right foot. His intention, in the face of the baseless claims of ‘Russian interference’ in the recent American elections, to nominate Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State is a strong indication that he intends to double down. While it is not the best choice, it is one that will help the President-Elect achieve his détente if he chooses to explore it. On one hand, kudos to Dr. Kantor for coming out in favour of improving US-Russian relations. On the other hand, one has to wonder how many Americans will actually read that op-ed article in The Independent and understand the urgency of ending this New Cold War with Russia.

As it pertains to Israel and its Palestinian neighbours in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the nomination of Tillerson shows us that, beyond the F-35 ‘last stand,’ the President-Elect is indicating that, under his Presidency, it will be up to the Israelis and the Palestinians to determine their own fate because it seems that America has absolved itself from being the decades-old broker. At best, both the Israelis and the Palestinians can rely on Russia to be an honest broker but, in large part, the Israeli and Palestinian leadership have to work out their problems on their own. If Israelis want to lay blame on their current and future predicaments, unless they want to act on their urgent crisis, they have only themselves to condemn.

It was expected that Donald Trump was going to get major pushback and fierce opposition from the political elite in America for his détente efforts with Russia and that is exactly what is happening. So far, he is pushing back. Alas, if he continues, we might be witnessing a change in America’s primitive (and hegemonic) foreign policy. If Max Boot is against the nominee for Secretary of State, then it means that the President-Elect is doing something right. There are scores of items to disagree with the President-Elect. Yet, if he acts on the items that will get the international community out of this New Cold War with Russia, he should be commended not vilified.

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