The Purge and Marginalization of the Israeli Arabs?

Joint List MK Bassel Ghattas has been arrested for allegedly passing cellphones to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

This article reminds us of how Russia is, unfortunately, treated by the majority in the West. With no facts, the Arabs living in Israel are purged by the bipartisan Israeli establishment and the media is dangerously going along with it. Whichever aisle you sit on, in Israel or abroad, this ought to be deeply concerning. If not fixed, it could have ramifying implications for the state and the region. What is most grieving is that there is no criticism from the so-called Israeli Left. Hopefully, at some point, the Israeli population will not stand for this and express their anger (preferably) at the ballot box. Regardless of the outcome, one can only commend the Joint List Chairman, Ayman Odeh, for his resolve in the face of this latest development in the ongoing onslaught against the Joint List and the Israeli Arabs as a whole.



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